Frequently Asked Questions

How to Order

The shelf life of our products is the same as any major cereal brand: approximately one year after it is made.  Though Coffee Cereal has a long shelf life, we currently make and package it fresh for every order.

Personal orders are fulfilled biweekly to match our production schedule, but if you would need to receive an order on short notice for a gift or special occasion then we should be able to accommodate special requests.
Shipping costs are based on the quantity of packages ordered. Due to mailing expenses, we are using the USPS to ship our products at this time. If you wish to submit a large order (50 or more packages), please contact us prior to ordering for possible discounts on packaging and shipping. Such discounts may be available based on the specifications of your order.

Orders to be shipped within Columbia, MO qualify for discounted shipping. Discount will automatically be applied at checkout.

Currently, we offer various discounts for large orders due to decreased costs of shipping and production cost per unit. We make Single Bowl Packs which contain one cup (NET WT 1.3 oz) of cereal  as well as larger packages (NET WT 7.1 oz), which contain about 6 servings. If you wish to order 50 or more packages, shipping costs will need to be determined based on your location. Please submit these order requests through our contact page or email in order to receive the best shipping discount we can offer.

If you are considering offering Coffee Cereal to your customers, please email us with any inquiries you may have. If you wish, we will visit your location with free samples for you and a few employees. If you decide that Coffee Cereal is right for your shop, we can begin working together on the specifics of your order. We offer reduced pricing for repeat sales and large orders.  For more information, please visit our Custom Label Packaging page or contact us to request our marketing kit.

Payment & Shipping

We typically ship individual orders through the USPS.  They typically make deliveries within one week within the continental United States.
We use FedEx Ground shipping for large orders.  They can deliver within 3-4 business days to almost everywhere in the United States.  We can also ship through UPS if you prefer, but this is less convenient on our end due to limited hours of operation at their local office.
For international shipping, please email us to see if we can accommodate.
Orders of 1-10 packages are fulfilled biweekly to match our production schedule, but we can accommodate rush requests in most cases. Email us prior to ordering if there’s a special deadline you need to meet.
For orders between 10 – 1000 packages, we prefer to have two weeks of lead time to produce, package and ship the product.
For orders over 1000 packages we prefer to have three weeks of lead time.

For other questions, or just to chat, free to email Andrew at or

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